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Svan Salt

Seasoning Svan salt

Seasoning Svan Salt

Svan salt is one of the well-known Georgian spices, and as its name suggests, this spice comes from the mountainous region of Georgia - Svaneti. The composition of Svan salt includes salt and various spices, among which garlic, hot pepper and Imeretian saffron are always present. As usual in such cases, it is claimed that the exact composition of the Svan salt is kept secret somewhere in the mountains of Svaneti, and it is almost impossible to find out. It is also claimed that due to the difficulty of delivering goods or to save salt, this mixture of spices and salt was created. All these statements look very doubtful, starting with the secrecy of the composition of Svan salt, the exact recipe for which, most likely, simply does not exist in nature - everyone prepared it from available spices, adjusting the composition of Svan salt to their liking. Facilitating the delivery process or saving salt also does not stand up to criticism - a mixture of spices and salt weighs as much as the ingredients included in it, and with salt savings, the reverse process is generally possible - in any case, a fragrant mixture of spices and salt will be used more readily than ordinary salt . Most likely, Svan salt appeared for a very simple reason - it is a universal seasoning that can be used ready-made in the preparation of almost any dish - it turns out simply and tasty, and does not require fuss with individual spices.

The Use of Svan Salt in Cooking

Being a universal seasoning of Georgian cuisine, Svan salt is used in the preparation of many Georgian dishes. The convenience of using salt and spices in one mixture has made Svan salt one of the widely known Georgian spices, along with adjika and Khmeli-Suneli. Svan salt is known and in demand not only in Georgia, but also in many other countries of the world.

Composition of Svan Salt

Although there are various recipes for the preparation of Svan salt, which differ in composition and ratio of spices, it is possible to determine the approximate composition of this seasoning. So, the composition of Svan salt includes the following components:

Further, to give a red or green tint to Svan salt, two more additional components can be used:

  • Sumac
  • Dried cilantro or dill greens

Thus, the composition of Svan salt is quite simple and includes widespread spices. The recipe for Svan salt can be adjusted within reasonable limits by changing the amount of garlic and hot pepper, guided by your own taste and common sense. Naturally, the amount of spices for Svan salt can be measured not only with tablespoons, but also with any other convenient measures, adhering to one rule - if, for example, we take salt with a tablespoon with a slide, then all other spices are also measured with a tablespoon with a slide.

Cooking Svan Salt at Home

Cooking Svan salt at home is quite comparable to cooking adjika and does not pose any difficulties. To prepare Svan salt on your own, you need to take all its components, except for garlic, and grind it to a powder. Garlic must be crushed or ground to a paste, add salt and a mixture of crushed spices to it and mix well until smooth. Ready-made Svan salt is stored for a long time and allows you to give various dishes a unique taste and aroma of Georgian cuisine.