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Dry Red Adjika

Dry Red Adjika Seasoning

Dry Red Adjika Seasoning

Dry red adjika is a condiment made from a mixture of the same spices, garlic and salt that are used to make classic adjika from fresh hot peppers. Only in the recipe for ordinary adjika, fresh hot peppers and garlic are used, and in the recipe for dry adjika, all ingredients are used in dried form. Therefore, the classic red adjika is a fragrant seasoning in a pasty state, while dry red adjika is a powder from a mixture of various spices and salt.

The use of Dry Red Adjika in Cooking

Dry red adjika is used to cook various dishes of Georgian cuisine as a universal seasoning that gives Georgian dishes a sharpness and a unique flavor. In addition, diluting dry adjika with boiling water to a paste-like state, you can get classic red adjika, which can be used to prepare various dishes as a seasoning, or you can eat it, just spread on bread. One of the advantages of dry adjika compared to classic red and green adjika is the smaller volume that this seasoning occupies, as well as the long shelf life of dry adjika.

The Composition of Dry Red Adjika

The composition of dry red adjika is practically no different from the composition of ordinary adjika - it includes salt, hot pepper, garlic and some spices. The composition of dry adjika may vary depending on culinary preferences or the region of Georgia where dry adjika is prepared, but the main set of ingredients that make up red dry adjika remains unchanged. The basic composition of dry adjika looks like this:

It is worth noting that in order to obtain dry adjika, which does not differ in pungency and taste from classical, hot pepper and garlic in dried form, you need to take 5-10 times less than when preparing classic adjika. Many adjika recipes also mention other ingredients that make up its composition, including not only spices, but also Georgian seasonings - Svan salt, Khmeli-Suneli. All recipes for red dry adjika have the right to exist, but one thing must be remembered - without the main ingredients in the correct ratio, dry adjika will no longer be adjika, but a completely different seasoning.

Cooking Red Dry Adjika at Home

In order to cook red dry adjika on your own at home, you will need dry spices. All the necessary components of dry adjika can be bought either as a whole or already in crushed form. It is better to buy hot pepper and dried garlic immediately in crushed form, and it is better to grind coriander, fenugreek, dill and fennel seeds in the process of preparing dry adjika. Then you need to mix the chopped spices, garlic and salt - you get a real red dry adjika, which can be stored for many years in a hermetically sealed container and used to cook your favorite dishes of Georgian cuisine.