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Curry Powder

Curry Seasoning

Curry Seasoning

Curry powder - the seasoning originates from India, the main spice in curry is turmeric, in addition to which it also includes many different spices - cinnamon, fenugreek, coriander, cumin and other ingredients. According to available information, curry or curry powder, was created in India from traditional ingredients for this region as a seasoning that mimics the taste of Indian sauce, entered the external market through British traders and became widely distributed around the world. For this reason, despite the difference in recipes and names, sometimes there is confusion between the two seasonings - curry and garam masala. At the same time, garam masala is an authentic Indian seasoning, and the curry was created for the external consumer to convey the traditional taste and aroma of Indian cuisine.

The Use of Curry Powder in Cooking

Although the curry seasoning was created for the foreign market, but it has not only spread and gained wide popularity throughout the world, curry is successfully used in the preparation of some dishes of Indian cuisine and the cuisines of other countries of this region, along with garam masala and other traditional seasonings. Currently, curry powder is one of the most popular spices that are used by culinary specialists in almost all countries of the world.

Composition of Curry Seasoning

The composition of curry powder includes various ingredients, but the main one is turmeric - the crushed root of the plant of the same name, which has a lot of useful properties. The content of turmeric powder in the composition of curry seasoning can be up to a third of the total volume of this seasoning. In addition to turmeric, curry usually contains several other ingredients, a typical curry composition looks like this:

The exact proportions in which curry ingredients are mixed do not exist, just as there are no requirements for its exact composition. In different countries, different parameters of the curry mixture are regulated, so its composition can vary greatly.

Making Curry Powder at Home

Most curry powder ingredients are available in most countries of the world, it contains only one fairly rare spice – macis, but it can also be purchased. The lack of an exact ratio of spices in curry seasoning should also not become an obstacle for its independent preparation at home. To prepare a curry seasoning, you need to grind and mix all its ingredients, and you will get a homemade curry powder. To enhance the taste and aroma of this seasoning, spices can be lightly fried before grinding