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Dry Green Adjika

Dry Green Adjika Seasoning

Dry Green Adjika Seasoning

Seasoning dry green adjika is a variant of the usual green adjika, made from dry spices and herbs of spicy plants. Dry green adjika is used in the preparation of various Georgian dishes along with ordinary green adjika, but dry green adjika has one more advantage - it is stored much longer. Dry green adjika is slightly different in taste characteristics from the usual one, since all the dried ingredients are used for its preparation, but at the same time it remains one of the classic additions that traditional Georgian cuisine is so rich in.

The use of Dry Green Adjika in Cooking

Dry green adjika is used in cooking as a ready-made seasoning and is widely used in the preparation of modern and traditional Georgian dishes. In order to give any dish, the flavor of Georgian cuisine, just add a little dry green adjika to it. But dry green adjika can not only be added to various dishes, but also, diluted with boiling water, you can get ordinary green adjika, which can be used as a spread on bread, cheese and other products.

The Composition of Dry Green Adjika

The composition of dry green adjika corresponds to the composition of ordinary green adjika; the only difference is that dried herbs of spicy plants are used for its preparation. The composition of dry green adjika is as follows:

  • Ground hot pepper
  • Dried ground garlic
  • Dried cilantro
  • Dried dill leaves
  • Dried parsley leaves
  • Dried celery leaves
  • Dried mint leaves
  • Salt

Depending on the region in which dry green adjika is prepared, as well as on your own culinary preferences, the composition of dry green adjika may vary, it may also include other herbs and spices.

Cooking Dry Green Adjika at Home

Self-cooking of dry green adjika at home is not difficult. You just need to take all the necessary ingredients of dry green adjika included in her recipe, grind to a powder and mix with salt. Hot peppers and garlic are best taken in dry chopped form, and chopping dried herbs is not difficult. It is better to store cooked dry green adjika in an airtight container so that it does not become damp in case of high humidity, and does not lose its taste and aroma during long-term storage.