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Curry Leaves

Spice curry leaves

What are Curry Leaves?

Curry leaves are the leaves of the Murraya Koenig tree, native to India and Sri Lanka. It is a small tree or shrub up to 6 meters tall whose leaves are used in cooking, traditional and Ayurvedic medicine. Curry leaves are one of the ingredients of the Indian curry seasoning. Curry leaves have a strong flavor that makes curry and recipes using curry leaves unique and distinctive. From the leaves, an essential oil is obtained, which is used as a flavoring agent in the perfume industry. But the main use of curry leaves is cooking.

The Use of Curry Leaves in Cooking

Curry leaves are used in cooking as an independent spice, and are also part of the well-known Indian seasonings under the general name of curry. It is curry leaves that give this seasoning a unique note, it is believed that curry seasoning cannot do without curry leaves. As an independent spice, curry leaves are best used fresh - this way their flavor will be maximum. But, as with other spices, curry leaves are only available in dried form in most countries. But from this they do not cease to be a sought-after spice that gives recipes a unique flavor.

Medicinal Uses of Curry Leaves

In many South Asian countries, curry leaves are used in traditional and Ayurvedic medicine to treat various ailments. A decoction of curry leaves can be used to treat skin conditions and gastrointestinal problems. Curry leaves have anti-diabetic and anti-cancer properties.

The Benefits and Harms of Curry Leaves

The benefits of curry leaves for the human body are due to the properties due to which this spice is used in traditional and folk medicine. Curry leaves can cause harm only in case of their individual intolerance by the human body.

Scientific Name for Curry Leaves

The tree from which curry leaves are obtained, scientifically called Murraya Koenig (Murraya Koenigii), is a plant of the Rutaceae family, a species of the genus Murraya. And the name of the curry leaves is adapted to the English language, while in India itself the curry leaves are called in a completely different way - mitha-nim, kari-phuliya, patta or him.

Curry Leaves and Their Cultivation

Curry leaves are up to four centimeters long and two centimeters wide, fresh leaves have a strong flavor that is mostly retained when dried. The curry tree grows in the tropics and subtropics, it is mainly grown in India and Sri Lanka.

What Kind of Curry Leaves Can You Buy?

If you are in India or Sri Lanka, you can buy fresh curry leaves, which is ideal. But in most cases, you can buy curry leaves only in dried form. But this is not a problem - dried curry leaves are successfully used as a spice in many countries of the world to give recipes a unique flavor of South Asian cuisine.